Studio Highlight - Yellow Flash

Yellow Flash (48” x 64”) and Green Bridge (50”x 64”) are a part of a group of paintings titled Floating Connections that came about after I moved to Beacon, NY from Brooklyn, NY.  Often, I was on the train traveling through the Hudson River landscape, mesmerized by the visual effect of motion in relationship to spaciousness, clouds, light and shadows; taking in the colors and forms of the river and mountain landscape.  This became a ritual of collage-making while on the train, which connected my consciousness to the Hudson River environment.  This perception of being connected within nature, drawn from a moving or floating vantage point, is what animates the color and space in this group of collages and paintings.

Currently, Yellow Flash, 2008-2009, oil on canvas, is available to view. Inquiries are welcome.
Flipping Books / Digital Catalogue, page 12. 
    Westchester Gallery, Center for the Digital Arts
    Faculty & Staff Exhibition
    September 11 to November 27, 2023
27 N. Division Street, Peekskill, NY  10566

 Ri Dance,  2018,  15" H x 22" W, gouache, metallic leaf. 

Painting Statement
My concept of abstract “space” in my painting is about the space we share on Earth- the troposphere. 
 Immersed in colors, shapes, and kinetic sensations, the painterly expression of the tactility and realness of this living troposphere is the subject I search for in my spatial color abstractions.